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Stoneworks for U.S. Navy Mission Critical Requirements Traceability
Ambassador® for DOORS® is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) product that facilitates the communication and data sharing between IBM Rational DOORS® Server and any application.

Delegate® for Windchill

Delegate® for Windchill

Delegate® for Windchill provides a bi-directional connection between IBM DOORS® and PTC Windchill PDMLink®.
Capabilities within Windchill
  • View DOORS Module content
  • View DOORS Requirement In/Out links and associated Change Proposals
  • View DOORS attributes and extended attributes
  •  Link DOORS Requirements to Windchill documents and parts
  • View relationships the DOORS Requirement shares with objects in Windchill
  • And more...
Capabilities within DOORS
  • View Links created in Windchill
  • Navigate to the Linked Windchill documents or parts
Windchill/DOORS side-by-side

The Power of the Delegate®

The Delegate® for Windchill allows your business analysts, project managers and development teams view Requirements and their relationships within seconds. Stoneworks has built a tool that brings the best of both worlds together. Forget about product mishaps and missing requirements. Imagine your PLM team using Windchill® while having the power of DOORS® at their fingertips. Delegate® for Windchill gives your PLM team an arsenal of tools and information to get the job done correctly the first time around.


Versions Supported: Windchill 9.x, Windchill 10.x, DOORS 8.x, DOORS 9.x

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