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Stoneworks for U.S. Navy Mission Critical Requirements Traceability
Ambassador® for DOORS® is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) product that facilitates the communication and data sharing between IBM Rational DOORS® Server and any application.


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Stoneworks (Established 2007) creates standardized tools to address the growing business challenges in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) arena. Located in Maryland, USA this privately held company focuses on helping organizations increase the efficiency and quality of configurations management, requirements management and PLM processes. Leading aerospace and defense organizations around the world rely on Stoneworks tools, as do companies in the automotive, electronics and medical industries.

Teaming to create a holistic, efficient and auditable development environment
By combining Stoneworks Software Corporation’s end-to-end product lifecycle expertise and IBM’s leadership in software and systems development, you can establish a holistic, auditable product development environment.
With its experience spanning PLM, software configuration management and requirements management, Stoneworks Software Corporation has the know-how to seamlessly integrate individual processes straddling the development lifecycle while complying with industry and governance regulations. This integration builds on IBM’s software development expertise and benefits from IBM’s global reach.

Teaming to create a automated and auditable development environment.

By combining Stoneworks end-to-end product lifecycle expertise and their leadership in software and systems development, you can establish a automated and auditable product development environment. With its experience spanning PLM, software configuration management and requirements management, Stoneworks has the know-how to seamlessly integrate individual processes straddling the development lifecycle while complying with industry and governance regulations.

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